It's about the process.

Jason’s style is one of “physicality” along the likes of Jackson Pollock   and the abstract expressionists of the 1950’s. His work is collected  everywhere from corporate collections to homes throughout the United  States. His work has also been showcased in art galleries in New York,  Los Angeles, Miami, and throughout the Midwest. His recent work, both  big and bold, has been inspired by the vivid color, texture, and beauty of Loreto, The Baja where from 2007 until 2010 Jason had a  studio/gallery. Currently, Jason creates his unique paintings in his  studio in Indianapolis, Indiana.




Studio Floor  Indianapolis IN

Studio Floor

Indianapolis IN


Physical Work

Jason’s latest work is the  complete organic synthesis of complex internal emotions combined with  the physical act of painting.  The current group of work available  includes a variety of physical pieces that express emotion through bold  color and texture.  Jason created these pieces, as he does most of his  paintings, on their backs. He then stands the pieces up on edge at  different times in the drying process to allow the paint to move on its  own, pulling out new reservoirs of memories.  He hovers over the pieces  moving the paint with grand gestures that allow him to create a  synthesis of feelings and physicality throughout the piece.

Have It Custom Made

Commissioned work is also available upon request. Call today to get a quote and a  rendering of a unique painting made especially for you.